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Chat Roulette - video chat around the world

Chat roulette(the name comes from the word "Chatroulette") - online video chat around the world, which is a place where you can interact with new people using a webcam and microphone, but in order to use it, you need to have Adobe Flash Player installed latest version.

A visitor to our site gets to a randomly selected interlocutor and starts communicating with him, if suddenly he does not like the interlocutor, then he can easily be changed to another (for this you need to click on the "Next" button).

The main features of our chat:

Our chat roulette has no analogues and is fundamentally different from other chat rooms.Below you can see 5 benefits:

  1. Quick registration- you don't need to spend a lot of time to start working with the service.Registration takes just 5 minutes.

  2. 24/7 access- you can enter the chat at any time of the day and find yourself an interlocutor: a man or a woman.

  3. Huge audience coverage- a large number of users from all over the planet visit the site every day.You can find yourself an interlocutor from the USA, Denmark, Great Britain, Russia, Spain, Italy and so on.

  4. Stable friend search- you don't have to sit on the site all day to meet interesting people.Record a video message to users and tell them about yourself.People will definitely watch the post and contact you.You can also search for friends in a similar way.

  5. Gender selection- only with us you can choose the gender of the interlocutor and filter out people with whom you do not want to communicate.

Separately, it should be noted that we follow all the rules.For gross insults towards users and manifestations of nationalism or racism, a lifetime ban is provided.Report the violation to a moderator and make our video chat even better.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

How do I turn on the webcam?

This is not difficult.First, connect your webcam to the USB port if you purchased it separately for your personal computer.After that, a message about connecting a new device should appear.If this does not happen, then it is quite possible that the port is down.Connect the camera to another USB port (as a rule, there are at least 4 of them on modern PCs).

After that, you need to install the driver that comes with your webcam. Follow the instructions of the program and at the end check the operation of the driver. In it, you can conduct a test video recording, take photos, edit the number of FPS, etc. If the driver was not included with the camera, then type the model name into the search engine and find the latest program on the manufacturer's official website.

On laptops, everything is much simpler - the driver is already installed, and the webcam is built-in, so you don't have to worry about the USB port or the driver version.

You also need to make sure that you have the Adobe Flash Player installed in order to display the video correctly in the browser.

Let's imagine that you have already passed the preparatory stage and the camera is working correctly.Then the small thing remains - go to the chat andselect your gender, then click on the "turn on the camera" button, after that a plate will appear in which you need to mark 2 points - "allow" and "remember" and then click the close button.

After that, you can easily use the webcam in video chat (it will turn on automatically without unnecessary settings).

How do I turn on and configure my microphone?

Microphone setup is a real challenge for most chat users.Firstly, hiss often appears due to incorrect device settings.Secondly, even more often it does not work at all and the interlocutor does not hear you.For the device to work correctly, you need to carry out the following preparatory procedures:

  1. Connect the microphone to the motherboard.To do this, connect it to the rear connector on the system unit.It is usually marked in pink.Laptops have the same headphone and microphone ports, so you often need to buy an adapter (it is cheap and has a small size).

  2. You can verify the correct operation of the microphone after checking the driver.Go through the start to the device manager and check for drivers.If there are unidentified devices, then download the driver through the manufacturer's official website.After that, your microphone will appear in sound devices.

  3. Go through the start to the control panel, and through it to the "equipment and sound" section.There, in the "recording" section, you will find your microphone.Click on it and click on the side button "properties".There you can turn it on and start listening.

  4. Be sure to adjust the levels to get rid of noise and make the sound clear.Also remove all sound effects in the enhancements tab.

All of the above procedures can be performed through the Realtek HD Manager.You can also enter it through the section in the control panel - equipment and sound.

How do I turn on the microphone in video chat?

Right-click the application, then select the Options tab from the slide-out menu.There click on the microphone icon.In the slide-out menu, select your microphone model, and then adjust the recording volume (you can put the slider in the middle).

After that, your interlocutor will clearly hear your voice, and the microphone will work smoothly for a long time.

For what purposes can I use chat roulette?

From getting rid of fears to traveling to other countries - the list is very wide and it all depends on your fantasies.Below you can familiarize yourself with the main purposes of using the roulette chat:

  1. Rest- after a hard day at work, you want to relax and finally forget about work.In the chat, you can communicate on neutral topics, discuss video games, sports, music, talk about yourself or the interlocutor, and so on.

  2. Fear Relief- Are you afraid to sing or discuss certain topics?In the chat, the interlocutor is selected at random, so none of your friends will notice you.You can quickly get rid of complexes.

  3. Finding a soul mate- girls meet guys in chat and vice versa, and often the language barrier is not a significant problem.Through chat, many people have found a soul mate, so what's stopping you from doing the same?

  4. Language learning- the most expensive foreign language courses will not replace communication with a native speaker.In the chat you will find Spanish, Italian, American, Greek, Japanese, etc.So you can improve your knowledge as much as you like.

  5. Traveling- why not make friends with someone from another country and visit them?He will help you get your visa and find accommodation, and show you the city and the best attractions.

This is a short list of your options.Remember that it all depends on your imagination, but be sure to act within the rules of our video chat.

Video conference

As we said in Random Chat, VideoChat was introduced in the 2022s.It is unclear exactly when it was launched.Some people refer to ICQ as the first program to add this feature.But some others call MSN Messenger the first chat available for webcam installation.

Start video chat

The beginning of the video chat function was in the early 2022s.MSN Messenger was one of the first programs that allowed users to video chat.

During this time, video quality was very poor and low frame rates were typical.The Internet connection speed was several kilobytes per second, so this was expected.You can expect 12 frames per second for a video chat session and that was fine.

Do you remember downloading a file at 5 Kbps?Do you remember that the phone line was busy for hours while you were in touch?

If you remember any of the above, you are probably over 30 years old.It was a great time for us!

For several years, the only way to video chat was to add the person to your friends list on MSN, AOL, or ICQ.There were the most common video chat apps, as we call them today.

Thus, you need to know the user id before you can call them.Strangers are not allowed there!

Changes to video chat are coming

Skype was officially launched in 2022, and its use has grown slowly in the following years.Several years later, in 2022, Microsoft acquired Skype.Two years later, MSN Messenger was discontinued and replaced by Skype for all users.This was very bad news for everyone, as we loved MSN Messenger.

Hey, we're going fast here, right?

Let's go back to the end of 2022 when the first online video chat was launched.As we said earlier, some link to the creation of the first random video chat to Omegle, while others link to another website that we do not mention here for trademark reasons.You should know what kind of website we are talking about though some kind of roulette site.

On, Omegle was first cached in March 2022.Another video chat site is being cached for the first time in November 2022.So, we assume that Omegle was the first to come up with the idea of ​​random video chat.

Video chat by countries listed on this page

Rapid user growth in random video chats

As we said, since the first release of Omegle's random video chat, several other sites have copied this feature.So, the random video chat feature has expanded significantly from 2022 to the present.

Several other sites have copied and even improved the video chat functionality, such as, one of our parent sites.

QuieroChat was the first website to use the Google Translation API to add instant translation functionality to their video chats.Thus, any user from all over the world could communicate and communicate in their own language with another user from another country.

This feature has been copied by many web chats, text or videos.

Almost all websites offering this feature have stopped serving as Google started charging fees for their translation services.Thus, make the service financially unavailable for site owners.

Rejecting users on some platforms

There has been a decline in the use of some websites in favor of others, which have the largest number of users connected to a single server.

This is the case when Omegle and other sites have lost many of their users over the years in favor of a few.

The main reason is that these sites have not undergone changes for a long time, without bringing new opportunities to their users and their users looking for new opportunities to watch video chats.

And the increase in users on other sites

This is the case of ChatRandom, which seems to have over 20k users connected at any given time.There are known peaks of over 50,000 users, which is more than the other sites combined.

ChatRandom has experienced a dramatic surge in users because it has created multiple platforms that target a specific audience.In fact, there are several sites for gay video chat, lesbian video chat and other genres.

Some other websites do not have this feature and users cannot search for a specific gender in video chats.While this feature is fairly easy to develop, it hasn't been added to May sites until today.

If your users are demanding something, you'd better implement this feature to make them happy.

BlueJeans Video Chat Tests Virtual Business Rooms

Verizon Communications' BlueJeans video chat application has begun testing a new feature called Spaces, or virtual chat rooms.Reported by Reuters.

Based on the technology, rooms will be created in which people in the form of three-dimensional cartoon avatars will be able to spend time together and communicate.Customers are expected to test the new feature in the fourth quarter.

What is video chat and how to use it

The Internet has given people a ton of opportunities for dating.However, correspondence on social networks and instant messengers will never replace personal communication.Therefore, video chat is a worthy alternative to them.

How video chat works

Today, there are several popular sites for online communication on the network.An example is Kumit, where you can chat with many girls, find a girlfriend or soul mate.

The principle of operation of such sites is the same: you connect to the broadcast, and the system connects you with a random user who is on the site.The connection is performed randomly, it is impossible to predict who will be on the other side of the Internet connection.If you are unhappy with the communication, you can disconnect at any time.

To use video chat, you only need a working camera and a stable Internet connection.Some resources also require pre-registration, but most often a free connection is available.

Chats can also keep track of the age of the participants.Persons aged 18 and over are generally welcome.

Why use video chat

• This is a whole field for new acquaintances.Thousands of people across Russia and the world use video chats.• Each acquaintance is a surprise.You never know who the system will connect you to.You can chat with people whom you would never meet in reality.For example, with residents of other cities and countries.• You can meet new people without leaving your home, without spending time and money.With the modern crazy pace of life, these resources significantly save time.• Video chats provide an opportunity to communicate with those who are limited in opportunities or movement.• Here you can find best friends or a soul mate.

How to behave in video chat

It seems to some users that some anonymity and remoteness from the interlocutor remove restrictions, that there are no stop signals.However, no one has canceled the rules of courtesy.In addition, the administration of the video chat can monitor user behavior.On some resources, you can report a user who has offended you or violated the rules.In this case, he will be banned.The duration of the ban is different: from several days to infinity.

The list of rules may differ in different video chats.

Here are some of the most popular requirements:

• No insults, including on racial, ethnic, religious grounds. Mat, rude behavior towards other participants or the administration is not allowed.• It is forbidden to threaten users.• Sexual harassment is prohibited, including innuendo with a pronounced erotic connotation.• It is strongly not recommended to get in touch in the nude, including with a naked torso or in underwear / swimsuit. It is forbidden to show intimate parts of the body.• It is not permissible to use video chat for advertising, fraud, requests for boosting likes and views.• It is forbidden to give links to other sites or ask to go to third-party resources.• It is not recommended to use camcorder emulators, use an avatar, hide your face or show photos of strangers.• Video chats also advise against filming and recording what is happening.

Optional: point the camera at the face area so that the other person can see you clearly and clearly.

Remember that mutual courtesy is the basis of pleasant communication.Many video chat users come back here again.It can turn into an exciting hobby.Especially if you are used to living life to the fullest and strive to expand your social circle.

Shadow collection and the risks of being involved in it

Currently, various shadow collection schemes are widespread.One of them is the "shadow" collection of car dealerships when selling cars to individuals using the details of firms - "one-day".

The risk for a bona fide buyer in this scheme is the consequences in the form of unpaid taxes.This scheme works according to the following principle.

An individual who buys a car in a car dealership makes a payment for it in cash at the cashier of a car dealership, after which he receives a signed contract for the sale and purchase of a car, an act of acceptance and transfer of the car and the car itself.In this case, the buyer is not issued a cash receipt order (it is possible to issue fictitious orders).

Cash received from the buyer at the cash desk of the car dealership is not credited and is subsequently transferred to persons representing the courier service (collectors) who transport cash for their subsequent use in illegal cashing schemes.

The equivalent of the transferred cash amount to the collectors is credited to the bank account of the car dealership in a non-cash form from the company's account - "one-day" in the form of payment for a specific car for a third party.

The risk for a bona fide buyer of participation in this scheme is as follows.

In accordance with tax legislation (clause 2 of article 211 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation), payment for an individual by organizations or individual entrepreneurs of goods (works, services) or property rights refers to income received by this individual.

Thus, the amount of payment for a car by a company - "one-day" for an individual is the income of this person, and accordingly he must pay tax to the state income of 13% of the value of the purchased car.

At the same time, for a car dealership there is a double profit when paying for the same car from an individual (in cash) from a "one-day" company (by wire transfer).

In order to avoid the accrual of such a tax, when paying in cash, it is necessary to require the issuance of a cash receipt from the car dealership.

In addition, in order to minimize the risk of being involved in such a scheme, it is desirable to pay by bank transfer, transferring funds from the buyer's current account to the car dealership's current account.

The deadline for payment of property taxes for 2022 is approaching

In the coming days, the deadline for payment of property taxes for 2022 will expire.As of November 26, 2022, the volume of income from property taxes of individuals to the budget of the Republic of Bashkortostan and local budgets amounted to 2 billion 187 million rubles, or 44% of the total calculated amount.

On these days, all offices of the tax service work in an intensive mode: on weekdays from 08.30 to 20.00 hours and on Saturday from 10.00 to 15.00 hours.In addition, there are mobile offices of the tax service in large shopping centers in Ufa and the region, as well as in the offices of the republican multifunctional center.Detailed information on their work schedule is posted on the website WWW.NALOG.RU.

If you have any questions, you can also call the hotline of the Office of the Federal Tax Service for the Republic of Bashkortostan: (347) 226-38-00.

We remind residents of the republic that property taxes for 2022 must be paid no later than December 3 of the current year.

We draw the attention of citizens that in case of non-payment of property taxes within the time frame established by law from December 4, penalties will be charged for each day of delay in the amount of 1/300 of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of Russia.

New Year Holidays Abroad - No Debts!

The tax authorities of the republic in relation to existing tax debtors have sent petitions to the bailiffs service to issue orders to restrict travel outside the Russian Federation.

Citizens in respect of whom decisions have been made to restrict travel outside the Russian Federation will not be allowed on the flight by border control authorities when departing at the airport.

It is impossible to lift the ban on traveling abroad directly at the airport before departure.This procedure takes a certain amount of time, which provides for the payment of the amount owed, including taxes, fees, penalties and fines, state fees, enforcement fees and termination of enforcement proceedings.

In addition, in relation to citizens who do not pay property taxes on time before 03.12.2022 and become debtors, travel restrictions will also be applied.

In this regard, when planning a vacation outside the Russian Federation, we recommend that citizens take care in advance - pay the debt to the budget, check whether enforcement proceedings are underway against you and your relatives.

Why is it important to declare your foreign accounts and assets now?

Over the past few years, issues of deoffshorization and increasing tax transparency have been at the forefront of the tax agenda of the G20, OECD and EU countries.

The international community is carrying out serious systematic work to revise and improve international and national tax rules, aimed at eliminating the possibility of hiding assets and financial accounts in so-called offshores.Significant changes are being made, among other things, to legislation in the field of foreign exchange control, anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism, controlled foreign companies, as well as the rules for disclosing beneficial owners.

Today, banking secrecy has virtually ceased to exist for tax authorities around the world, including the Federal Tax Service of Russia. Since July 1, 2022, the Russian Federation has joined the OECD-Council of Europe Joint Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters, and the FTS of Russia already has the ability to send tax requests to more than 90 countries and jurisdictions, including the so-called offshores.

Together with the OECD and the tax administrations of the G20 member countries, the FTS of Russia participates in the implementation of modern electronic methods of information exchange of information on financial accounts and foreign assets between tax authorities of different countries and jurisdictions. In 2022, a system common for all countries was put into operation for the mutual exchange of information on foreign accounts, property and assets of foreign tax residents with the tax authorities of the countries of which they are residents. The Federal Tax Service of Russia joined this system in 2022 and began to receive the specified information from offshores in an electronic systematized form. The information obtained will be used by the Federal Tax Service of Russia to implement tax control measures in relation to persons who own foreign assets and financial accounts, which creates certain risks for citizens,still relying on the past opacity of offshore jurisdictions.

What solution is offered to Russian taxpayers?

From March 1, 2022, the Federal Tax Service began the 2nd stage of accepting special declarations, the submission of which is provided for by Federal Law No. 140-FZ of June 08, 2022 “On the voluntary declaration by individuals of assets and accounts (deposits) in banks and on amendments to certain legislative acts Russian Federation "(hereinafter - Federal Law No. 140-FZ).

In accordance with the changes introduced by Federal Law No. 33-FZ of February 19, 2022 to the provisions of Federal Law No. 140-FZ, any individual who is a citizen of the Russian Federation, a foreign citizen or a stateless person (hereinafter referred to as the declarant) has the right to submit a special declaration to term from March 1, 2022 to February 28, 2022.

A special declaration is submitted by the declarant to any tax authority, including the central office of the Federal Tax Service of Russia, on paper in person or through his authorized representative acting on the basis of a notarized power of attorney.

What guarantees and benefits does the person submitting a special declaration receive?

Tax fillers receive the following benefits:

Transactions on the transfer of property by its nominal owner to the actual owner of the property are exempt from taxation in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on taxes and fees.

The declarant or the person, information about which is contained in the special declaration, are exempted from tax collection in case of non-payment or incomplete payment of tax, provided that the obligation to pay such tax arose in the declarant and (or) another person as a result of transactions before January 1, 2022 associated with the acquisition (formation of sources of acquisition), the use or disposal of property and (or) controlled foreign companies (CFCs), information about which is contained in a special declaration, or with the opening and (or) crediting of funds to accounts (deposits), information which is contained in a special declaration.

Exemption from the following elements of criminal offenses committed before January 1, 2022, if these acts are related to the acquisition (formation of sources of acquisition), use or disposal of property and (or) controlled foreign companies (CFC), information about which is contained in a special declaration, and (or) with the opening and (or) crediting of funds to accounts (deposits), information about which is contained in a special declaration (this list is exhaustive):

Article 193 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Evasion of obligations on repatriation of funds in foreign currency or the currency of the Russian Federation";

Article 194 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (parts 1 and 2) "Evasion of payment of customs duties levied on an organization or an individual" (on an especially large scale, by prior conspiracy by a group of persons);

Article 198 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Evasion of taxes and (or) fees from an individual";

Article 199 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Evasion of taxes and (or) fees from an organization";

Article 199.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Failure to fulfill the duties of a tax agent";

Article 199.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Concealment of funds or property of an organization or an individual entrepreneur, at the expense of which taxes and (or) fees should be collected".

4. Exemption from administrative responsibility in case of revealing the fact of violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation during the acquisition (formation of sources of acquisition), use or disposal of property and (or) controlled foreign companies, information about which is contained in the declaration, as well as when performing foreign exchange transactions and (or ) crediting funds to accounts (deposits), information about which is contained in the declaration, on the grounds provided for in article 14.1 of the Administrative Code "Carrying out entrepreneurial activities without state registration or without special permission (license)";

5. Exemption from liability for tax offenses, if these offenses are related to the acquisition (formation of sources of acquisition), use or disposal of property and (or) controlled foreign companies, information about which is contained in the declaration, and (or) with the opening and (or) crediting funds to accounts (deposits), information about which is contained in the declaration.

Can the FTS use the information provided in the special declaration for tax audits or transfer it to third parties without the consent of the person who submitted the special declaration?

Information contained in a special declaration, as well as the very fact of filing a revised declaration:

- Cannot be the basis for a desk audit;

- Cannot be the basis for an on-site inspection;

- Is a tax secret and cannot be used as evidence.

Disclosure of information specified in a special declaration is prohibited by law (Article 183 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

What else is useful to know about voluntary declaration?

The Federal Tax Service is carrying out active information and explanatory work to increase the awareness of taxpayers about the provisions of Federal Law No. 140-FZ regarding the receipt of special declarations by tax authorities:

- a news message has been posted on the official website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia (hereinafter referred to as the website);

- a section "Special declaration" and a banner "Voluntary declaration of assets and accounts - stage 2" have been created on the site, containing information on the procedure for accepting special declarations, including a special declaration form, the procedure for filling it out, a link to special software that allows fill in the specified special declarations in an automated manner;

- information materials for taxpayers on the timing and procedure for filing special declarations in accordance with Federal Law No. 140-FZ are posted in the electronic service of the Information Booths website, as well as on the information boards of the territorial tax authorities in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation;

- on an ongoing basis, taxpayers are informed with the help of the Unified Contact Center of the Federal Tax Service of Russia.

The special declaration form and the procedure for filling and submitting it are posted on the official website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in the "Special Declaration" section (

The procedure for receiving and recording special declarations was brought to the attention of the Directorates of the Federal Tax Service of Russia for the constituent entities of the Russian Federation by letter dated June 25, 2022 No. ОА-4-17 / 11035 @.

Also, the Federal Tax Service of Russia has prepared an information brochure (, which sets out in an accessible form the specifics of paying taxes in the Russian Federation when doing business abroad or in the presence of foreign assets, explains, how to avoid double taxation, what information is subject to disclosure, as well as many other issues of declaring foreign assets and accounts.

Bashkir leader of the Southern Urals

Life is given to a person once, and not everyone, unfortunately, manages to live it in such a way that, looking back, no one would think or dare that he could go against his conscience.

It will be about a well-known public figure who, with his direct participation in the fate of the Bashkir people, with his strong-willed character, tireless work and care for the young generation, nobility, has earned respect and good memory from the people.

The multinational Kurgan region has long been home to the Bashkirs, who are the indigenous population of the region. The Katays and Sart-Kalmaks were the patrimonial lands of their lands, and the Ailins and Tabynts settled on their lands as parochials. It is known from historical documents that according to the "Agreement of the Central Soviet Power with the Bashkir government on the Soviet Autonomous Bashkiria" dated March 20, 1919, the territories of the Katayskaya, Sart-Abdrashitovskaya, Sart-Kalmakskaya and Karasevskaya volosts, in which the Bashkirs lived compactly, became part of the Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic , forming the Yalanskiy canton with the center in the village of Tanrykulovo. Subsequently, these territories became part of the Chelyabinsk, and then the newly formed Kurgan region. Here, on the Bashkir land, in the village of Polyana, Almenevsky district, Kurgan region,Venera Timerkhanovna was born in a friendly and large family of Akmukhametov and Sairovs. The family had five children.

- Father - Akmukhametov Timerkhan Nafikovich, born on November 10, 1924, Bashkir, member of the Komsomol in November 1942 from the village of Kusareyskaya, Almenevsky district of the Chelyabinsk region, was called up and sent to the Bauman RVK, Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Kazan. In January 1943, dad from the Kazan military unit went to the front and was assigned to 31 reserve rifle brigades. Dad often recalled the war, he was invited to school, where he told children about the heroic battles of the Great Patriotic War. Father told how he liberated the village of Petrishchevo, where the Nazis brutally tortured Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya. He fought in the Kursk Bulge, where he was wounded and subsequently demobilized, - recalls Venera Timerhanovna. He came from the front with military orders and medals. In peacetime, he worked as a veterinarian at his own state farm. I have always been proud of my parents.My father's parents left early and I never saw them.

The mother of Venus Akmukhametova, Sairova Sahibyamal Fazylovna, was a woman from a noble Bashkir family of the ancient village of Arslanovo, her parents Sairov Fazyl and Sairova Mukhtarama also lived here and found peace.

Mom was a very kind and wise woman, a good housewife and a real Bashkir, in the sense of preserving national traditions.Their house was always open to guests.They came to their parents for advice and support.Relatives and fellow countrymen were walking.

Venus grew up a cheerful girl, was a leader among her peers.She studied well and easily.The desire for knowledge was instilled in children by both father and mother.There, in the village of Polyana, Venera graduated from 8 classes of a rural school.

“When we lived in the village, my mother worked as a foreman of a herd (about 200-250 cows),” Venera Timerhanovna continues. - When in 1974 my father died of combat wounds received in the war, my mother, on the advice of relatives and kind people with five children, moved to Chelyabinsk. There was no money, of course. I admire my mother, who, left alone, without a husband, bought a house in Chelyabinsk in 1974 for 5500 rubles, on the street. 2nd Tominskaya. Mom has been gone for a long time, and we (children and grandchildren) are going to the parental home, how easy it is to breathe here. Mom, to put the children on their feet, worked three jobs. And she had five of us, neither few nor many. She was able to give all the children a higher education. The elder sister - Ulmazbika - became a lawyer, she is a retired lieutenant colonel, Anis's younger sister is a medical worker. Brother Mars was an engineer, unfortunately he died very earlyat the age of 40, Haris's younger brother is an excavator operator, now he is repairing refrigerators.

In Chelyabinsk, Venera graduated from secondary school No. 43 in 1976 and from that year began her career as an operator in the OAB of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Chelyabinsk region. From 1984 to 1992 she worked at the V.P. Chkalov Tashkent Aviation Plant. and went from an ordinary worker to a foreman of shop number 23. As a secretary of the Komsomol organization of the shop, the aviation plant named after. Chkalova Venus was the initiator and organizer of numerous festivals, evenings, hikes in the Republic of Uzbekistan, concerts, amateur art competitions among young people of different nationalities of the plant, was nominated by the Komsomol organization of the aircraft plant at the congress of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Together with the youth, she picked cotton in Uzbekistan, potatoes, beets, cucumbers and carrots in the Kurgan and Chelyabinsk regions.On a Komsomol ticket, she visited Hungary and the Baltic states. I was surprised that the people honor the memory of the leader of any century and as a gift of gratitude there is a bust of both the tsar and the leader of the Soviet era on the main square of the city of Budapest. And in our time, many monuments have been demolished, both to Lenin and to Stalin and other heroes ... ... This is the history of the country, it was built over the centuries, it cannot be destroyed. Any hero, regardless of whether he is negative or positive, is a story, this is an era with pain told by Venera Akmukhmetova.Any hero, regardless of whether he is negative or positive, is a story, this is an era with pain told by Venera Akmukhmetova.Any hero, regardless of whether he is negative or positive, is a story, this is an era with pain told by Venera Akmukhmetova.

She communicated and made friends with prominent representatives of the Bashkir diaspora, of whom there were many, was the organizer of various events that had a public outcry and response in the press. Already in her youth, the girl had trust and respect, she was the soul of the team among young people. Venus has always been not indifferent to the fate of her people and people, and everyone felt it.

During her career in Uzbekistan, Venus graduated from the Tashkent State University named after Al Beruni and subsequently, upon returning to Chelyabinsk, the Chelyabinsk Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. For 15 years (from 1992 to 2022) Venera Timerhanovna worked as a senior investigator of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Kalininsky District, from where she left for a well-deserved retirement. Since 2022, she is back in the ranks, she works as an inspector for monitoring the execution of orders of the analytical research department and the execution of requests of the operational-search information department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, and at the same time transfers her legal knowledge and experience of young people in the state budgetary professional educational institution Yuzhno-Uralskiy Multidisciplinary College".

“It is easy and interesting to study with her, she explains very simply and intelligibly in her lectures,” says her student Natalya Kamynina.

She is a demanding teacher, but she treats students with understanding, does not bother with excessive pickiness.Looking at her students, Venera Akmukhametova sometimes recalls her student years, how she had to combine study with work, and is glad that our youth have more opportunities to study successfully.Time will tell whether they will learn her lessons properly, but today they are happy to attend her classes, and all as one hand over her subject.

Young people are our future, she says, which means that it is important to plant young shoots in fertile soil, create conditions for them and carefully cultivate them, so that tomorrow we can enjoy the result of our work, the results of our daily efforts.

Throughout her adult life, Venera Akmukhametova adhered to simple truths. “I grew up in a family,” she says, “where the ideals were a benefactor and decency, fear of God and honesty, respect for people and a willingness to help them. I always try to follow these rules.

A huge layer of life of Venus Akmukhametova is social activity. Since 2022, she has been actively working in the Chelyabinsk regional public organization "Bashkir People's Center" and in recent years has been the chairman of this organization, the executive secretary of the Chelyabinsk regional public organization - the Association of National and Cultural Associations "Assembly of Peoples of the Chelyabinsk Region". She is a member of the Children's Public Council under the Ombudsman for the Rights of the Child in the Chelyabinsk Region. For many years, POOO "Bashkir People's Center" has been holding the regional children's city national holiday "Sabantuy", the Ural festival "Children of the world in the rays of the Sabantuy mosaic" (2022-2022), the festival "Ural is our common home", for 5 years festival "Play, front-line accordion", gala concert "With love to Russia,dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the laureate of the International Festivals of the Dance Ensemble "Kalinka" (2022), festive concerts "Chelyabinsk - multinational" (2022, 2022) and the reporting festive concert of the Yemanzhelinsky region "With love to Russia" (December 2022), to the Day of the city of Chelyabinsk " Vernissage ”and many other events. Her active social and educational activities are aimed at creating a favorable environment for the development of the national Bashkir culture and language in the South Urals, strengthening peace and friendship between peoples. She says she is missing 24 hours a the Day of the city of Chelyabinsk "Vernissage" and many other events. Her active social and educational activities are aimed at creating a favorable environment for the development of the national Bashkir culture and language in the South Urals, strengthening peace and friendship between peoples. She says she is missing 24 hours a the Day of the city of Chelyabinsk "Vernissage" and many other events. Her active social and educational activities are aimed at creating a favorable environment for the development of the national Bashkir culture and language in the South Urals, strengthening peace and friendship between peoples. She says she is missing 24 hours a day.

For conscientious fruitful work, great personal contribution to the revival and promotion of Bashkir culture, strengthening of interregional ties between the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Chelyabinsk region, Venera Timerkhanovna Akmukhametova was awarded numerous awards, including many thanks and honorary diplomas of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region, a letter of thanks from the Governor of Chelyabinsk Administration of Chelyabinsk, World Kurultai Bashkir, Letter of gratitude from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bashkortostan, She also has state awards for impeccable service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Delegate of the IV World Kurultay Bashkir held in Ufa in 2022.

Venera Timerhanovna is a competent public figure who knows how to get out of any difficult situations as a winner. Huge creative potential, excellent organizational skills make it possible to implement in the life of the Bashkir population of the South Urals multifaceted educational activities to revive the Bashkir culture. He is the organizer of tours of the creative team of Bashkortostan in the South Urals.

But, perhaps, her greatest joy in life is her daughter Rada. She is a graduate of the Federal State Educational Institution of Secondary Professional Education "Chelyabinsk Legal College", qualification: a lawyer, as well as the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Chelyabinsk State University", qualification: Regional Studies (Orientalist) with knowledge of English and Chinese. In 2022, she graduated from Dzilin State University (Changchun, China): advanced training program: "Establishing Russian-Chinese relations and improving the level of the Chinese language." She was repeatedly invited to court as an interpreter. This promising young woman has a great future ahead of her.

Living in the South Urals, Venera Timerkhanovna is keenly interested in what is happening in Bashkortostan: she reads newspapers, listens to the Yuldash radio, watches the Bashkir BST channel and lives in the interests of her native Bashkir people.The Bashkirs of the Chelyabinsk region, thanks to the efforts of the most active participants in the Bashkir movement, in particular, the chairman of the private limited liability company "Bashkir Kurultai" Moris Yusupov and his associates, created and registered their autonomy.These wonderful people, enthusiasts, adequately represent their people in the regions of Russia.

We would like to wish Venera Timerkhanovna, an outstanding and wonderful person, health, long life, inexhaustible energy for long years, and also say: "Low bow to you for your selfless work, for your kind heart and sensitive attitude to people."